by Adam Armstrong

Commvault Launches Metallic SaaS Brand

Today at Commvault’s annual Commvault Go show in Denver, Colorado, the company announced a new brand, Metallic. Metallic will be Commvault’s new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portfolio aimed directly at the midmarket and the most popular applications and workloads for that market including Core Backup & Recovery, Office 365 Backup & Recovery, and Endpoint Backup & Recovery. Metallic is said to deliver Commvault’s core protection technology, through an affordable, cloud-based model.

Companies of all sizes need data protection along with some form and back and recovery. While having on-prem appliances has been standard practice, there are a few drawbacks including personnel with the ability to maintain the equipment and upgrades that could include replacing everything. Those that aren’t looking for maintaining anything on-prem can go the as-a-Service route. This can offer most of the same benefits in a easier to manage and deploy model, as well as a potentially more cost-effective manner depending on the size of the organization.

Customers that are looking for backup and recovery without the above issues, can find what they need in Metallic. The new SaaS solution offers several benefits such as annual or monthly subscription rates for each offering Metallic Core Backup & Recovery, Metallic Office 365 Backup & Recovery, and Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery. Customers can choose Metallic’s cloud storage or leverage on-prem, a cloud of their choice, or some combination of the above. 


Metallic is available now and users can start off with a 45-day free trial.


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