by Michael Rink

HYCU Releases Multi-Cloud Application Migration as a Service

HYCU released HYCU Protégé to general availability. HYCU Protégé is currently available on an as-a-service model and provides multi-cloud migration, data management, and disaster recovery services. Previously known as Comtrade Software of Comtrade Group, HYCU renamed itself after its most successful product HYCU just last year, around March 2018. HYCU currently provides application-focused data protection and monitoring software to support multi-cloud data centers.

HYCU Protégé's data migration service is surprisingly flexible. Protégé supports both on-demand migrations and staged migrations. In either case, Protégé maintains a backup copy. The service also allows application owners to create new instances of near production copies on the cloud for testing, development, reporting or for new production instances. All of these services are designed with transferring across the multiple clouds HYCU Protégé supports.

HYCU claims that Protégé can see through VMs to discover where every application is running and make sure every migration, application staging or DR is fully application consistent and recoverable. Using this knowledge, Protégé supports multiple point-in-time disaster recovery times allowing users a choice of which version to revert back to when something goes wrong.



HYCU Protégé

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