by Adam Armstrong

Secondary Storage Solution, Nutanix Mine, Announced at .NEXT

Today at Nutanix’ annual conference, Nutanix . NEXT, in Anaheim, California, the company announced its new open solution that integrates secondary storage operations with the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, Nutanix Mine. The introduction of Mine brings both primary and secondary storage to the private cloud for Nutanix. Nutanix will also be working with backup vendors such as Veeam, HYCU, Commvault, Veritas, and Unitrends that help customer mange HCI environments and backup through native integration. 

HCI is being leveraged more and more by enterprises that see the benefits as they related to modern applications. While HCI can lead to simplicity on some fronts, backup and data protection aren’t necessarily simplified, instead they are siloed from the core datacenter environment. Nutanix is looking to ease this with Mine by allowing customers to converge secondary storage operations into Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. Mine will help customers choose the best data backup software for them and their needs while optimizing it with for their Nutanix HCI environment. 

Benefits include:

  • A reduction in the complexity of separate systems to back-up and recover business data, so secondary storage can be managed as easily as primary data storage
  • The simplification of the full lifecycle of data backup operations, including initial sizing and procurement, streamlined installation, and easy provisioning of the full solution, and
  • The ability to easily scale-out both primary and secondary storage to accommodate business growth


Nutanix Mine with Veeam, sold by Nutanix, and Nutanix Mine with HYCU are expected to be available in second half of 2019. Nutanix Mine with Commvault, Veritas and Unitrends is expected to be available in a future release.

Nutanix Mine

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