by Michael Rink

SIOS Technology Releases AppKeeper To North American Markets

Today, SIOS Technology Corp released AppKeeper. SIOS AppKeeper is intended to respond to Amazon EC2 service alerts automatically and is immediately available with a free 14-day trial for end-users and channel partners. SIOS was founded in 1999 that provides applications and services targeted at disaster recovery and prevention, or as they like to call it, IT resilience. SIOS Technology Corp.was created by the Japanese SIOS Technology handle global marketing operations. Yes, it is a little hard to keep the names straight, but just remember that if the name ends in "Inc." we're talking about the Japanese company, and if it ends in "Corp." we're talking about the global company headquartered in the USA. 

SIOS Technology Inc. (the Japanese company) originally released AppKeeper just for their local market almost three years ago in early 2017. So this is a re-release for a wider audience. Since the original release, they claim that their customers have been able to reduce their downtime as a result of EC2 alerts by ninety percent. 

SIOS AppKeeper has three key capabilities. The first and most important is that it can reduce downtime by automatically restarting AWS EC2 services or rebooting instances when services become unavailable. It can also monitor and proactively respond to other kinds of AWS EC2 service alerts. Last but not least, setup takes only a few minutes because there is no software to install. Users simply connect to their AWS account and select which instances and services to monitor, and the level of protection they want.



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